Living a Triumphant Life in Martial Arts

Triumph TKD Martial Arts is was founded upon the concept of "Living a Triumphant Life in Martial Arts". With a positive mental attitude coupled with the will to succede, and proper training, there is no limit to what You can acheive with a strong foundation that will last a lifetime!

Welcome to Triumph Taekwondo

Taekwondo as a traditional Korean Martial Art has expanded globally to it's modern day size of 70,000,000 practitioners who continue to train under the Korean flags hanging in over 10,000 Dojangs (studios) and fitness clubs in 188 member countries spread across 5 continents.


As a Master Practionioner of Taekwondo, it is my mission in life to spread the centuries old teaching and enable others to achieve success as they navigate the way.

We look forward to helping you rise to your zenith, and welcome you to Triumph Taekwondo.


October 12th, 2011

Friends & Family Special Prices | To help celibrate the Grand Opening Celibration, a limited time special price was created for all of our new students enrolling now for classes! 2 weeks of free lessons for only $49.00 (for first month plus free uniform and a free T-Shirt as well. This limited time special ends soon, so join now.

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October 1st, 2011

Grand Opening Celibration | Triumph Taekwondo invites you to the Grand Opening celibration for our new facility located in Cary, NC.

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